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420 Kingdom is located in the city of Arvin and is the closest legal cannabis delivery to Bakersfield.
We offer an outstanding selection of premium lab-tested cannabis products. You can buy edibles from the most renowned brands in the industry.  Additionally, our approachable, knowledgable budtenders, and fast, friendly, delivery are just some of the royal perks around here.

Meanwhile, you’ll get unparalleled deals on outstanding cannabis brands and experience
a discreet and dependable delivery service fit for the kings and the queens that you are.

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We strive to be at the forefront of cannabis shops in Bakersfield and we welcome our customers to share their truth about our delivery service. We value the feedback and enjoy the opportunity to improve. Additionally, your honest opinions help us be the best in the industry providing essential cannabis delivery to the Bakersfield area. Furthermore, we like the look of all those gold stars!

  • Asap C Avatar
    Asap C

    They come thru every time for me with the wax ?and they let you know 15 min before they about... Read More -

    Chelsea Grosskopf Avatar
    Chelsea Grosskopf

    Absolutely love the Kingdom!! Delivery drivers are always super friendly, they have an AWESOME rewards program, 1 hour delivery windows... Read More -

    Lisa Osmers Avatar
    Lisa Osmers

    Love this place .Always on time super nice people great product I wont shop any where else -

  • Kai Marley Avatar
    Kai Marley

    Good and fast service, never have to leave my house. Kent is always the best! the dude really knows his... Read More -

    CJ Lazer Avatar
    CJ Lazer

    Fantastic service with a smile always a happy customer thanks ? Irma ? -

    Anika Lovell Avatar
    Anika Lovell

    Manny is on point. The products Are FIRE and always available. Point system ? customers service knows inventory .... Read More -

  • LaRenz Richard Avatar
    LaRenz Richard

    Manny is my guy always looks out, fast & dope energy!! ??? -

    Manny Alcala Avatar
    Manny Alcala

    Best delivery service in the Antelope Valley. Fast and friendly. What more could you ask for? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. -

    Melachi Williams Avatar
    Melachi Williams

    Great service! Manny was my delivery driver great guy respect to him! -

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