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420 Kingdom employs an exacting aeroponic grow process to ensure the finest cannabis products. Our team is dedicated to cultivating a superb product that’s unmatched in potency, precision, and presentation. Explore and learn more:

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is actually a subset of the hydroponic system. However, with the hydroponics method, plants use water as the growing medium while aeroponics uses no growing medium at all. This technique was invented during the 1940s. Since then, many researchers have added to the theory and application of this method. Aeroponics is considered one of the best methods to grow plants in a soil-free environment. The need for this method has increased due to a clear need for a more convenient & eco-friendly means of growing.

In the aeroponic system, plants are not contained in any solid material such as Rockwool or soil. Instead, plant roots are suspended in the air, in a grow chamber, in a closed-loop system. Roots are sprayed with nutrient-rich water or fine, high-pressure mist containing nutrient-rich solutions at specific intervals. 

Aeroponic System Design

Aeroponic Diagram

This makes aeroponics a more advanced method than the hydroponic wicking systems, deep water culture, and other types.

All plants need nutrients. They spend a valuable amount of energy growing roots to find these pockets of nutrients in traditional soil-based growing for flower formulation and plant development. With aeroponics, nutrients are instead delivered straight to the roots.

Compared to traditional and regular hydroponic plants, aeroponic plants grow faster and absorb more nutrients because their roots are exposed to more oxygen. Also, there are fewer threats of diseases around the root zone due to there being no place for debris or pathogens to reside.

Our Grow Process

In our proprietary cannabis aeroponic system, seeds are “planted” in tiny pots, which are exposed to light on one end and our nutrient mist on the other. The foam also holds the stem and root mass in place as the plants grow. Microbes on the plant thrive in the oxygen-rich environment, allowing them to digest the nutrients and to make them immediately available to the plant’s circulatory system. The plants are further benefited with circulating COin the environment, spurring health and growth.

The process doesn’t end with technology and equipment – our team is another key component to the superb product we create. Our plants are closely monitored 24/7. Plant growth & conditions are checked constantly and equipment is sterilized regularly throughout each day. Environments are clean rooms, and all that goes in and out is carefully guarded to protect the integrity of the crop. The same care and attention is focused on harvesting, drying, and packaging phases.  

420 Kingdom
Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Benefits

As it turns out, eliminating the growing medium is very freeing for a plants’ roots resulting in faster growth – but that’s not the only benefit. Aeroponic systems are also extremely water-efficient. At a time where droughts are becoming a regular issue in California, any efforts we can take to reduce our water usage are critical to the future of the state. Our closed-loop systems use 95% less irrigation than plants grown in soil. And the benefits don’t end there – since the nutrients are held in the water, they get recycled, too. 

Because aeroponics systems are fully enclosed, there is no nutrient runoff to ultimately impact nearby waterways. Rather than treating pest and disease with harsh chemicals, the growing equipment can simply be sterilized as needed.

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