Cannabis provides a substantial number of benefits. One of the most common reasons why people use it is to help alleviate pain. Today, there are many ways to consume the plant, helping users to reduce discomfort and inflammation. Of all of the methods available, THC tinctures are one of the most convenient and easy to use.

What Is a THC Tincture?

A tincture is a form of liquid cannabis. The process of making it involves soaking plant matter in high-proof alcohol to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds. Before prohibition, cannabis and cannabis tinctures served as a common treatment for many different types of pain.

THC tinctures are those that only contain the one cannabinoid. THC provides effective pain relief for arthritis pain, nerve pain, menstrual cramps, and more. Alleviating your discomfort helps you to go about your daily life normally. In the evenings, you’re able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. While effective, one thing to keep in mind is that, because they contain THC, these tinctures can cause you to get high as well.

thc tincture use

Ways to Use a THC Tincture

One of the fastest and most effective ways to use a THC tincture is to take it sublingually. The skin under your tongue is thin. When you place your dose in this region, it absorbs quickly into the bloodstream. You’ll typically feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes.

Another method of taking a THC tincture is to swallow it as is or add it to your food or beverage. For this method, it does take longer to feel the effects, as the cannabinoid first needs to get processed by the body. While not as common, you can also apply a tincture topically at the site of your pain.

How a THC Tincture Helps to Alleviate Pain

When you ingest a THC tincture, the cannabinoids travel through your bloodstream to your brain. Here, they bind directly with cannabinoid receptors and activate them while also indirectly increasing opioid receptor activity. The process dampens the pain signals your body sends to your brain and helps to increase happiness, meaning that you feel less discomfort.

If you apply your tincture topically, the cannabinoids absorb into your skin. They don’t reach the bloodstream, but they do bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin at the application site. You get targeted pain relief without the high.

Why Choose a THC Tincture?


THC tinctures come in small, opaque bottles. They’re easy to conceal and they don’t produce strong, noticeable smells. You can quickly take your dose without drawing any attention to yourself.


Sublingual application of a tincture allows for incredibly fast-acting effects. You should feel the tincture kicking in within 15 to 30 minutes. Keep in mind that if you swallow your dose or add it to a food or drink, it will take around 90 minutes to feel it.

Easy to Dose

THC tincture bottle caps have built-in droppers. The droppers typically mark every quarter of a milliliter, allowing you to know exactly how much THC you’re getting every single time. Tinctures are perfect for microdosing and for gradually increasing your dosage until you find your minimum effective dose.

No Inhalation Necessary

With THC tinctures, there’s nothing to smoke or vape. You don’t have to worry about inhaling anything into your lungs, which can be beneficial for anyone with respiratory complications. You also don’t have to eat anything with a tincture, which is ideal for someone with digestive problems.

If you’re looking to use cannabis as a means to alleviate pain but want to use a more discreet product, THC tinctures may be just the solution. Speak with a budtender at your local dispensary for more information and to help you find the best option to meet your needs.