Smoking is one of the oldest methods of cannabis use. Many enthusiasts take pleasure in the act of rolling a joint, considering it to be both relaxing and an integral part of the experience. If you’re new to smoking, or you’ve just never rolled your own joint before, the best way to learn and get better is by practicing. Here are a few tips to help.

Choose the Right Paper

Not all rolling papers are created equal. The quality of the paper you use will have a significant impact on your overall experience. Stay away from wood pulp, and instead look for hemp or rice paper. Hemp is an excellent choice for beginners, as it’s generally the easiest to roll. Rice paper is flavorless, so it won’t affect your chosen strain. It also burns a little slower.

joint rolling

Pick Your Size

Big joints might look impressive, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. The bigger the joint, the more smoke that passes over the unsmoked portion of the joint. After a while, the joint starts to taste unpleasantly harsh. Smaller joints might not last as long, but the flavor will be pure all the way through. If you’re smoking with a few friends, roll a small joint for each person.

Use a Quality Grinder

When we say to use a quality grinder, this doesn’t mean you need to buy an expensive one. A good grinder will get your buds to the right consistency and ensure everything is even. Consistency is key, as larger chunks will lead to a loose pack and poor air circulation. Not only that, but these pieces burn differently. With a good grind, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time.

Spread the Cannabis Evenly

When adding your ground cannabis to your rolling paper, make sure to spread it out evenly. Having too much in one spot can lead to a bulb in the middle of your joint. It looks bad, and it’ll likely smoke bad, too. An even spread creates a smoother experience.

Add a Filter

A filter isn’t required, but we highly recommend it. The filter acts as a handle, giving you something to hold on to while you smoke. It also helps to maximize airflow and keeps bits of burnt cannabis and ash from getting into your mouth.

Try Rolling Your Joint Inside Out

Once you’ve perfected the art of rolling a joint, try rolling one inside out. You use less paper with this method; the rest gets torn off or burned away. With less paper, you get a much better flavor. After trying a few backrolls or Dutch-style joints, you might never go back to the regular way.

Add a Little Extra Potency

If you’re looking for a way to take your joint to a whole new level, try “twaxing.” When you “twax,” you add a little cannabis concentrate to the inside or outside of your joint. Concentrates are much more potent than flowers, giving you a whole different experience.

Rolling joints is an art form. With practice, you’re sure to master it, turning it into an enjoyable part of your smoking experience.