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Cannabis concentrates have quickly become a popular item for use. These concentrated products are substantially more potent, with many reaching upwards of 90% (or more) THC. As such, you need a much smaller amount to achieve the desired results. There are many concentrates on the market, including one called shatter. It’s an easy-to-use concentrate that’s a good option for new users. Here, we’ll provide you with some cannabis shatter tips for successful highs.


What Is Shatter?

Shatter is just one of many cannabis concentrates available. It gets its name, much like other concentrates, from its consistency. Shatter is a brittle product that breaks apart (shatters) easily. 

The consistency of shatter occurs as a result of its production. Unlike other concentrates that get whipped or agitated, this particular concentrate does not. It remains still as the solvent evaporates out, which leads to its translucent, glass-like appearance.

Shatter Tips

Here are a few cannabis shatter tips for new users that can help you have a great experience every time:

Start Small

If you’ve ever used any cannabis product before, you’ve probably heard that you should start small and gradually increase your dosage to avoid getting too high. It’s a tip that’s especially important when you’re trying concentrates for the first time. They’re substantially more potent than flowers. Even if you’re a veteran smoker, a little too much shatter could quickly result in a bad experience. 

Try It in a Joint

One of the most common ways to use cannabis concentrates is by dabbing them. The thing is, dabbing may be a bit too intense for new concentrate users, even if you’ve used other methods of consumption.

Instead of jumping into dabbing (which is a lot of fun), ease yourself into shatter. One way to do this is by sprinkling a very small amount of broken shatter into your joint and smoking it as you usually would. You’ll get the extra kick in your hits, but it won’t necessarily be as intense as taking a dab. 

Add Some to a Pipe or Bong Bowl

Another option for easing yourself into concentrates is to sprinkle a small amount of shatter over the ground buds in the bowl of your pipe or bong. Again, you can smoke as usual, but you get the extra potency from the concentrate. 

Use a Dab Tool 

Shatter is brittle and not quite as messy to handle as some other forms of concentrates. You might still want to consider using a dab tool to grab your dose and apply it to your chosen consumption method. The tool keeps your hands from getting sticky and messy, and it ensures you don’t waste a precious drop of your concentrate.

Get Fast, Potent Results with Quality Shatter

Shatter is an easy-to-use concentrate that offers fast results. As with other concentrates, you only need a small amount to achieve the desired effects. No matter how you choose to use it, be sure to purchase your shatter (and all of your other cannabis products) from a licensed dispensary. That way, you can rest assured you’re buying safe, effective concentrates for your specific needs.