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There’s no shortage of saccharine-laced gummies in today’s cannabis edibles market. Although these chewy treats are some of the most successful mass-produced MJ products, they typically aren’t the most “health-conscious” choice. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a sweet tooth now and then, but that doesn’t mean cannabis edibles should only be associated with sugar-drenched snacks.

As more consumers enjoy legal access to weed, it has become easier to experiment with healthy cannabis recipes. Even if cannasseurs don’t consider themselves “pro chefs,” there are many easy ways to infuse THC and CBD into delicious DIY edibles.

Healthy Cannabis Edibles Ideas For A Dank Dining Experience

People who want to bring cannabinoids into the kitchen must focus on fat. Please remember compounds like THC and CBD are fat-soluble. Hence, when you add cannabinoids to a recipe, they will have a greater chance of binding with fat molecules. There are even university-backed studies that suggest cannabinoids have better absorption when paired with high-fat meals.

The most effective, versatile, and healthful way to bring cannabis into your edibles is to focus on butter, ghee, or oil infusions. The high-fat content in these items helps bind with cannabinoids and provides optimal absorption. Plus, butter, ghee, and oil are kitchen staples. Whether you enjoy a citrusy salmon filet, a spicy tikka masala, or a fresh arugula salad, you’ll find an easy way to incorporate your cannabutter or oil into your meal plan.

Many cannasseurs also rave about making healthy cannabis dips like hummus, pesto, or guacamole. Not only are these three food options easy to make at home, they have a ton of fat content and a host of health benefits.

Lastly, some health-conscious cannabis fans have begun experimenting with cannabinoid-infused raw honey. There’s no doubt that high-quality raw honey has remarkable health properties, especially for those struggling with allergies or a sore throat. If you’re prone to colds throughout the year, having some “hemp honey” on hand can be a lifesaver!

cannabis cocoa recipe

Is Eating Raw Cannabis The Healthiest Option?

Above, we’ve focused on healthy cannabis edibles that use decarboxylated weed. For those who aren’t aware, “decarboxylation” refers to heating raw weed to change the chemical structure of natural cannabinoids. This standard process transforms acidic compounds like THC-A and CBD-A into the more familiar & bioavailable cannabinoids THC and CBD.

However, some foodies swear that eating raw cannabis can have significant health benefits. There’s a growing movement of cannabis fans who exclusively juice, blend, or eat raw cannabis flowers every day. According to those in this movement, consuming raw cannabis provides optimal nutrition thanks to the high concentrations of antioxidants, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

While the raw cannabis movement is real, it’s unclear whether this is the “healthiest” way to consume cannabis. There’s little data on how THC-A and CBD-A affect the body versus their activated counterparts.

However, it doesn’t appear consuming high-quality & lab-tested raw cannabis flowers is “unsafe,” nor will these buds give users a psychoactive sensation. Just don’t expect miracles after trying this popular trend.