There’s something special about budtenders. They always seem to know just what strains to point you toward or what products will best fit your needs. It’s almost magical. If you’re a regular at your local dispensary, your budtender might even let you know about new products when they come in that they know you’ll love. Good budtenders are more than sales associates; they’re almost like cannabis oracles, providing you with wisdom and advice for your every question, need, and desire.

The Budtender Creates a Safe Space

When you walk into the dispensary, you might know what you want. Or, you might only have a general idea. A great budtender helps to make the dispensary feel like a safe space for you to explore your options. They’re more than happy to answer your questions. They also know just what to ask you as well. They’re patient and never pushy, short, or distant. By answering your questions and getting answers from you, they’re able to point you in the direction of products that they feel will best meet your needs.

They Know Everything About Their Products

One of the marks of an excellent budtender is that they don’t just know the names of the products in the store; they know about each product, too. It’s not just the flowers, either. They know about concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more. Along with the different strains, they can tell you about the terpene profiles and what effects the products have. Their sage-like knowledge might seem a little frightening, but it helps you get just what you need for your specific situation.

Budtenders Treat Their Products with Respect

An expert budtender doesn’t just know about their products. They also know how to treat those products. Have you ever watched how your budtender takes flowers from the jars? They don’t reach in with bare hands. Instead, they gently and carefully grab what they need using chopsticks or tongs, which avoids contamination and ensures that they’re preserving the integrity of the buds. They handle everything they sell with care and the utmost respect.

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They Know How to Tailor Their Service

Budtenders build relationships with their customers. If you’re a regular in your shop, your budtender likely recognizes you when you walk through the door. Even if they don’t know your name, they probably know some of your favorite products or strains.

Building relationships is key to leading customers to the best possible strains for their unique needs and preferences. What sets the best budtenders apart from the rest is that they can tailor their service based on your experience level. While a basic, quick explanation might work for one person, another might need more in-depth information. The best budtenders know how to leave newbie and veteran customers feeling the same way at the end of their visit – understood and satisfied.

Your budtender might not be receiving prophetic messages from a divine source, but it probably feels that way sometimes. Having one who knows your preferences, can match you with ideal strains and products, and provide answers to all of your questions certainly helps to make your experiences that much better.